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Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is now a very popular way a improving the appearance of your teeth. It is very reasonably priced and can be very effective in a lot of cases. Teeth whitening is non –invasive and non surgical so can be very good for patients who would just like a minor change to their appearance.


Unfortunately teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone there are different factors which need to be taken into consideration before commencing this treatment.


There are two different approaches which the dentist may take to whitening your teeth and sometimes they may consider a combination of the two.

In surgery whitening

Teeth whitening treatment in a dental surgery offer excellent results. This procedure is performed in the dental surgery and can be done very quickly, usually in a little over an hour. Though this bleaching is expensive, the time saved and immediate results are attractive. This type of whitening can cause increased sensitivity in some patients.


Take home whitening kits

These kits are very easy to use and consist of a tray which will have been custom made to fit your teeth and some tooth whitening gel. This contains peroxide.

It is usually recommended that you wear the trays over night. However they are made from clear plastic and maybe worn for a few hours during the day instead. There is not any added benefit from wearing trays over night because the whitening gel will lose effect after a few hours.

The gel and tray system which you will receive from your dentist will differ from a kit which you buy from a shop in a couple of ways. The results you get from the shop will take longer because the peroxide gel is in a weaker concentration. The trays which you buy from a shop are not custom made like the ones your dentist will have made and this can then cause the whitening to come out of the tray and into contact with your gums, making them slightly burnt and sore.

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