Patient Stories


Dental Implants Patient - Helen's Success Story

“I came to the practice to look at the long time use of implants and all the connotations that it might involve.
The benefits since having the treatment done have been extensive, I can’t even begin to qualify what a difference it makes in terms of self-esteem, in terms of confidence, in terms of social interaction.”

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Dental Implants Patient - Chris's Success Story

“When I first saw my smile I was absolutely amazed, I just cannot believe they have done what they have done. My teeth they were in such a poor state, you never really looked at your mouth.
I am just so pleased at the work that has been done here, if people wanted to have a recommendation then I will give them a 100% recommendation to use this practice.”

Dental Implants Patient - Harry's Success Story

“The treatment from beginning to end is a total exclusive package, you feel you are part of the journey. Everything is explained to you, it’s all in a relaxed atmosphere and I can honestly say that every experience I’ve had elsewhere with dentistry that there isn’t pain and discomfort but from here no pain and very very little discomfort.”

Dental Implants Patient - Paul's Success Story

“The treatment from beginning to end was a very smooth professional process, I was really nervous about the first treatment which was a long appointment and was all of the really technical stuff, drilling into the bone for the implants and sometimes I wasn’t looking forward to, but I was put at ease.”

Dental Implants Patient - Lee's Success Story

“I had all my teeth taken out in the end and ‘All on 4’ surgery, which is quite a controversial surgery, but it worked out really well and now I’ve got amazing teeth and changed my whole life. I can eat better, I can speak better and my confidence is amazing.”

Root Canal Patient - Stephanie's Success Story

“I felt the treatment from beginning to end was very helpful. The receptionists are very friendly and answer any questions that you need. The dentist himself kept me informed with what was going on and he made me feel at ease and I thought he was very professional.”

Dental Implants Patient - Tim's Success Story

“The overall treatment has been fantastic I have to say, I’ve been with this practice now for about 3 years in total, maybe 4 from start to finish on the work that I’ve had done. It has been absolutely outstanding, I’ve had no worries whatsoever with the work, in fact I can already see future work being undertaken.”