Fee Guide

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Please note: All fees below are ‘Starting from’ prices. Our fees will be updated shortly.

  • Consultation fee £100 inclusive
  • Perio Consult at Dorchester £150.00
  • Simon Ellis Consult at Dorchester £185.00
  • Study Models £150.00
  • CT Scan £200.00

The consultation fee covers the first and second appointments, the treatment planning and any necessary X-rays that you may require.

If you have implants it is our practice policy that you pay for these in advance of having them placed. We suggest that a good time to do this would be after the second consultation appointment. Payment options will be discussed with you and you will be asked to sign a practice terms and conditions of payment before proceeding with your treatment plan.


Because of the complicated nature of the work we are carrying out, all fees here are used as a guide. Your treatment plan will be an estimate for your specific treatment and we will explain the cost at each stage.

In some complex cases the treatment quoted maybe more than the prices below. This is variable from case to case.

  • Single tooth implant (inc. crown, models and uncover) £2650.00
  • Block bone graft from £1500.00
  • Bio Oss bone graft from £450.00
  • Sinus graft at the same time as implant £950.00 plus cost of implant
  • Sinus graft not at the same time as implant from £1500.00
  • Mini implants £250.00 per implant
  • Mini implants connected to denture £200.00
  • Stent for implants £120.00
  • Bleaching/Whitening £400 – £600
  • Occlusal adjustment £350 – £600
  • Occlusal splint (inc 3 x Adjustments £950.00 (further adj £95.00)
  • Pontic bridge (per tooth + £350 per abutment) £800.00
  • Hygienist £70.00
  • Full upper & lower acrylic dentures from £1700.00
  • Full upper or lower acrylic denture £950.00 – £1100.00
  • Full upper & lower chrome dentures £3000.00
  • Full upper or lower chrome denture £1800.00
  • Part acrylic denture £800.00
  • Part chrome denture £1800.00
  • Relined denture £200.00
  • Addition of a tooth to denture £150.00
  • Valplast denture £800.00
  • Initial Specialist Consultation £120
  • Clinical Assessment ( Photos, X-ray, impressions or scan) £160
  • Classic Fixed Braces Metal: Single £1,999
  • Classic Fixed Braces Metal: Dual £2,999
  • Classic Fixed Braces Clear: Single £2,880
  • Classic Fixed Braces Clear: Dual £3,880
  • Damon Braces Metal: Single £3,480
  • Damon Braces Metal: Dual £4,480
  • Damon Braces Clear: Single £4,500
  • Damon Braces Clear: Dual £5,500
  • Invisalign: Single £2,980
  • Invisalign: Dual £4,750
  • Lingual: Single £4,880
  • Lingual: Dual £7,880
  • Fixed Bonded Retainer £150/per arch
  • Clear Retainer £125/per arch

Please note the above table does not take into consideration the fact that a bridge of teeth or implant denture may be placed onto multiple implants and therefore 5 implants would not mean 5 crowns but would instead mean a complete arch of teeth. This is something to be discussed with the Dentist.