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Before And After Photos

Josh Sharpling – JC presented with severe tooth wear, and we provided him with ceramic veneers at an increased OVD. This was done alongside hygiene treatment with Flora, and diet advice. The patient was overjoyed by the final result.

Graham Browning – The patient attended embarrassed about her smile and said she could not eat
properly as she could only bite on her back teeth. We examined the bite and adjusted it so the front teeth overlapped. We then improved the appearance by whitening the teeth and matched this smile to the crown and veneer on the two front teeth.

Josh Sharpling – JM was referred in due to her failing anterior veneers. The veneers had fractured, and she reported not being entirely satisfied with the aesthetics, even before the fracture. Cases like this are always challenging, as patients’ aesthetic expectations are often very high when re-doing anterior aesthetic work. Meticulous planning went into the case, and we were able to produce an excellent final result, which blended in naturally to the final dentition.

David Furze – This patient attended the surgery with concerns regarding his aesthetic appearance. He initially asked for the removal of all teeth and an “all on four”. We discussed the aesthetic and functional benefits of maintaining his dentition before replacing his existing crowns with all-ceramic crowns and veneers on the remaining teeth.

Case 2 Before
Case 2 After

Josh Sharpling – composite bonding LR2/3 and veneers upper anterior with tooth whitening.