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Before And After Photos

Fernando Eriksson – In this case periodontal plastic surgery was used to correct several gingival recession defects.
Fernando Case 2 Before Photo

Tawfiqur Rahman – Non-surgical management of gingival enlargement. This patient underwent a few cycles of meticulous non-surgical periodontal management.

Zahab Noshad Shaikh – Surgical management of gingival recession defects on UR3 and UL3 using coronally advanced flap with connective tissue graft.

Fernando Eriksson – Patients main concern was the appearance of UR1. A piece of gum was taken from the roof of the mouth in order to enhance the thickness of the gum to make them more robust and stable, restoring  the gum as close to its original position as possible.

Tawfiqur Rahman – Surgical crown lengthening was undertaken to increase the amount of tooth structure. This was followed by four crowns from UR2 to UL2 and some additive composite restorations.

Zahab Noshad Shaikh – This patient came to us wanting all his top and bottom teeth removed and replaced with implants. At South Coast Dental Specialists we always try to save teeth where possible, and thankfully a course of treatment with our gum disease dentist Zahab meant that we could maintain most of this patient’s top teeth. All of the lower teeth and the top front teeth did unfortunately need to be removed. We replaced these with dental implants, and the lower teeth were treated by removing the teeth, placing implants, and attaching new teeth to the implants in a single day.

Zahab Noshad Shaikh –  Non-surgical management of generalised gingival recession using a gingival veneer.

Tawfiqur Rahman – Surgical management of gingival recession.

Fernando Eriksson – Surgical crown lengthening was performed to improve the appearance and function whilst preserving all the natural teeth, including UL2 and UR4.

Crown lengthening before
Crown lengthening after