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Before And After Photos

Naveed Soomro – Patients treatment plan consisted of at home tooth whitening, composite bonding of the front 6 teeth and implants UR5 UL5 to replace the previously worn denture.

Josh Sharpling – LM was referred to us as she wished to have a fixed tooth replacement for her UL2. On presentation she was wearing an ill-fitting acrylic partial denture. I placed an implant in the UL2 region, alongside simultaneous bone grafting, and worked with Byrnes dental laboratory to give the patient a natural final result which she and I were both really pleased with.

Nazia Glover – Patients implants previously failed and with such a large hard and soft tissue defect, a 6 unit conventional bridge was the best option.

Josh Sharpling/Graham Browning – new upper composite bridge, implant and a two tooth bridge to replace lower incisors.

Josh Sharpling – Implants aren’t teeth! Unlike teeth, implants do not move position as we grow older. This patients teeth were level when they were done over 10 years ago, however the tooth (UL1) has continued to move, and the implant (UR1) has stayed in the same place. This gives the illusion of the tooth in the implant getting shorter.

It is always difficult to make a new crown match an old crown; but Josh worked with Byrnes to get it right, sometimes it takes a few tries. The first try in or the new crown was still a little short, so Josh added some composite to show the lab how long the crown needed to be. Byrnes then copied this length exactly, and the patient was over the moon with her new implant crown. We even managed to keep the old abutment in place!