Root Canal Patient - Stephanie

” I had a problem with a root canal that I had had done about 18 years ago which was alright at the time I thought, but a piece had been missed at the bottom of the root and it needed redoing.

I also had an accident when I was 10 which affected my front teeth, although I didn’t know that for many years, and I had to have root canal treatment on those as well.

With one of the teeth, I thought I might have to have it out, but fortunately the root canal treatment has saved it apart from that I no longer get toothache in that particular tooth.

I felt the treatment from beginning to end was very helpful. The receptionists are very friendly and answer any questions that you need.
The dentist himself kept me informed with what was going on and he made me feel at ease and I thought he was very professional.

I would admire anyone who is thinking about treatment to just come along and have the treatment done, it certainly worth it in the long run.

I’d certainly recommend the practice to others; they are very professional in their work and it’s a good place to come.”