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Recent Cases

Case 1

F/F (Full Upper and Lower) Denture in a Week

This patient came in unhappy with his current F/F that were made only a few weeks ago. Our Dentist worked hard with the Wessex Dental Team to finish all the stages required for a new F/F in a week and restore his bite; appearance and confidence.

Our patient attended an intial impression appointment and bite registration. Following that a final appointment was made for a wax try-in, so that the patient was able to see the shade and shape of the teeth and make any alterations. We then went to our on-site lab where we finished the final fabrication of a F/- acrylic and re-vamped new teeth on his lower denture whilst he sat comfortably in our waiting room.

The patient left us in the afternoon with a denture care sheet; new smile; and an open door for any further adjustments should he need it.

Excellent work Philip McCauley, John Stoodley and Emily Whitmarsh.


Case 2

This lady wanted to get rid of her denture and to improve her smile. Two implants were placed in the gap and these were used to support three teeth. The patients’ own teeth were bleached and then porcelain veneers were made so that the porcelain matched across the whole smile. We often bleach the teeth prior to placing veneers so we can make thinner veneers and so preserve tooth tissue.


Case 3

This gentleman came to see us not happy with his smile. He was first to admit that he was not a good patient. Our examination showed that the way he bit his teeth together was going to make restoring his front teeth difficult. The patient had to have oral sedation to have his dental treatment. First we had to correct the descrepancies in the way his back teeth bit together before we could treat his smile. It is very important not to just rush in and do the treatment


Case 4


Case 5


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