Plate and Extractions Patient - Monty

“The treatment I had done here was a part upper plate, put in a new one: I had the other one 20 years and two extractions. Life before the treatment wasn’t too bad. But I had a couple of bits of toothache, and my previous upper plate had been repaired a couple of times, so I needed a new one.

First impressions of the practice from the time I came in in my buggy was brilliant. Everything was clean, tidy, very modern. The people that work there were charming, absolutely charming and put me at my ease before I knew it.

The benefit is I got a lovely, beautiful top plate now and the two extractions, one of them was put on the plate afterwards and the other one was nothing to do with it. But I was well-pleased with everything I had done. I recommend the practice, great, they’re all so lovely. Everybody’s very nice, gentle, understanding. I thought they were tip-top.”