Dental Implants and Root Canal Patient - David

“I’ve had various treatments. The primary one was for I had problems with my gums and then after that I had some root canal treatment and following that I’ve had a couple of implants. Before I had the treatments done I kept getting an abscess in my upper jaw every six months or so. It was cured by antibiotics, but it kept coming back. So, my NHS dentist referred me to Southern Dental.

After I’ve had the treatment done I’ve been able to eat a lot better. I’ve had no recurring pain or abscesses so life, in general, has been a lot better since I’ve had the treatment. I would definitely recommend this practice to others for the reasons given that as I say the care has been absolutely 100% first class, very efficient and very, very kind and personal. The overall treatment package has been excellent. As I say always very professional. The receptionists are always very kind. And as I say the treatment has been excellent.”