Dental Implants Patient - Tim

“The problem I had before the treatment and I’ve had 2 pieces of treatment, the first piece was the front tooth. I had a crown originally which was done many many years ago but over time it had become problematical. So, I was recommended here to have an implant done, which was a huge success. And actually, for the first time, I’d had the crown done about 30 odd years ago, having had the implant done and the veneer next to it, enabled me to smile again properly and get my smile back. Since then I’ve had subsequent treatment done here, which was quite a major piece: 3 teeth came out and a bridge implant went in and its been a great experience.

The overall treatment has been fantastic I have to say, I’ve been with this practice now for about 3 years in total, maybe 4 from start to finish on the work that I’ve had done. It has been absolutely outstanding, I’ve had no worries whatsoever with the work, in fact I can already see future work being undertaken.

The benefits of having treatment have been, essentially I can smile again and also with the major piece of work I had done on my lower left it means that now I can eat more effectively, rather than having to chew on one side – it was quite a problem at the time.

Most important for me is regarding my smile, when I first smiled and he turned the mirror round after putting the final implant in, I was absolutely blown away. Outstanding job!”