Dental Implants Patient - Paul

“The problem I had was I lost a couple of teeth at the side at the back here and that caused me issues when I was trying to eat on that side and also cosmetically I didn’t like the fact that at this age I’d lost a couple of teeth.

I thought Fernando was very professional, he knew what he was doing, he put me at ease, was willing to answer any questions I had and I was very comfortable having him do the work.

The treatment from beginning to end was a very smooth professional process, I was really nervous about the first treatment which was a long appointment and was all of the really technical stuff, drilling into the bone for the implants and sometimes I wasn’t looking forward to, but I was put at ease.

Fernando took great care, especially in the last appointment to make sure everything was perfect and so I was really pleased with the results.

The benefits of having the treatment is that I now have a full set of teeth again. I feel better and more confident because of that now I can eat properly on that side.

I had got the peace of mind of knowing that my other teeth aren’t going to move and all my others and the side of my face isn’t going to cave in, because I have a gap there: so I’m really pleased with that.”