Dental Implants Patient - Lee

“The problem I had before my treatment was done was that I had lost several teeth, my front teeth, and it led me to losing other teeth very quickly, so I had to come up with a solution to the problem. I did a lot of research to find the best dentist for the procedure I needed done and yes in the end it was the internet that led me to this place, it was an internet search and reading the reviews.

My thoughts on the dentist who treated me – excellent! Really happy witg the way he made me feel, put me at ease, the whole process I was made to feel at ease. I had no worries whatsoever and I felt comfortable and safe in his expertise. I couldn’t be more happy.

I had all my teeth taken out in the end and ‘All on 4’ surgery, which is quite a controversial surgery, but it worked out really well and now I’ve got amazing teeth and changed my whole life. I can eat better, I can speak better and my confidence is amazing.
The benefits of having the treatment, yes I would say it looks better and looks really good for my work life, my family life and my children and more importantly, my health, my eating. Its changed everything being able to eat properly and eat healthily.
If you lose your teeth, you lose your health, so having my teeth done has made me able to eat whatever I want now.

Like I say, it’s a really cosy environment, everyone’s really friendly here, knowledge is amazing, you can just tell they know what they are doing and I would highly recommend them.”