Dental Implants Patient - Helen

“I’ve had bridges and crowns that had been fit-for-purpose for quite a long time, but I was at the end of the road and the idea of anything other than permanent teeth filled me with horror.

So, I came to the practice to look at the long time use of implants and all the connotations that it might involve.

The benefits since having the treatment done have been extensive, I can’t even begin to qualify what a difference it makes in terms of self-esteem, in terms of confidence, in terms of social interaction.
Everything that we do , you don’t realise until there is a problem so it is life changing and I know that is a term that is used extensively and is bandied about, but in this instance because I’ve had extensive treatment, I can assure you it actually life-changing, so for me this was like a second chance but I’ve been extremely lucky because my implants are far superior to what my original teeth were anyway. So now I can smile and now I can go back to my singing lessons. You don’t smile so much when your teeth aren’t good and now you smile!”