Dental Implants Patient - Harry

“The problem that I had was that my bottom teeth were grinding on the backs of my tooth teeth and I came in simply to have them filled but it was very quickly explained to me that that was the effect it wasn’t the cause and the cause was that over the years where I had had dental maintenance my bite had completely changed and that it needed to be rectified before the fillings could be done.

The thoughts on my dentist that treated me – he was nothing but an absolute professional. What I particularly liked was that he talked to me in a language that I could understand and not only that, he produced a very detailed, comprehensive plan of treatment which I took away. I could read, I could then come back and ask questions on it and talk it through so at the end of it, so I had a very very good understanding of exactly what I was signing up to. I understood the whole process and that to me was very important.

The treatment from beginning to end is a total exclusive package, you feel you are part of the journey. Everything is explained to you, it’s all in a relaxed atmosphere and I can honestly say that every experience I’ve had elsewhere with dentistry that there isn’t pain and discomfort but from here no pain and very very little discomfort. It’s a very relaxed, highly professional atmosphere. The benefits to having the treatment for me are probably different from most other people, but what really made the difference to me is its completed transformed my eating.

I had no idea my eating was so bad, now I feel with my current bite I could bite through table mats if I wanted to! But its even down to the things like I used to get indigestion and I didn’t know why and that was because I wasn’t chewing and cutting the food. Now I can chew and cut anything.”