Dental Implants Patient - Chris

“The problem I had before I had the treatments was that I had a number of loose teeth, I had a lot of pain with my teeth. The front two teeth were growing apart, I had problems eating certain food types and I went to see a dentist in West Sussex and he recommended South Coast Dental Specialists to look for Implants.

I have always had a problem with any form of dentistry, Graham was just unbelievable in the way he communicated with me, the way he calmed me, the way he gave me confidence in what he was doing, and I can’t recommend him enough.

I think the benefits have been threefold. Number one, I can now eat anything I want to eat. Number two, I have complete confidence when I’m talking to people, when I’m smiling, I don’t have to hide my mouth. Number 3, its an investment I made in my teeth which I never think about – they are now part of me.

When I first saw my smile I was absolutely amazed, I just cannot believe they have done what they have done. My teeth they were in such a poor state, you never really looked at your mouth, it was something you were aware of.

I am just so pleased at the work that has been done here, if people wanted to have a recommendation then I will give them a 100% recommendation to use this practice.”