Dentist CT Scans

Dentists CT Scans


A CT scan is an x-ray image of your teeth, jaws and surrounding vital structures. It shows, in high resolution and precise details, structures not visible with traditional x-rays. With a 3D CT scan, we can assess your case; determine if you are suitable for dental implants; determine the quantity and quality of bone; judge whether bone grafting will be necessary and plan precisely where to place the implants.

Why would I need a CT scan?

A CT scan allows your dentist to:

  • Accurately evaluate bone tissues and provide you with a precise diagnosis
  • Identify related structures e.g. nerves, sinuses and root tips
  • Plan the precise placement of implants prior to surgery
  • Ensure predictable, long-lasting results

Is the scan comfortable?


The simple answer is ‘Yes’. A CT scan is a comfortable, pain-free, quick procedure. A dental nurse will seat you in a separate room and, unlike an MRI scanner, the CT scanner will move around your head.

Is the CT scan safe?

The CT scan is very safe. Cone beam technology emits very small amounts of radiation for the CT scan. In fact, the imaging requires less radiation than a traditional X-ray.

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