Crowns Patient - Heather

“Treatment that I had done was a cantilevered crown, a back tooth. I had a missing tooth and Nazia put the crown in to cover both teeth so I can chew on that side. Before I had that treatment done, I was finding lots of bits of food getting trapped in the gap between my two teeth, so it was not very comfortable.

My first impressions were really good. It’s a very well set up place. The receptionists are exceedingly nice and competent, and I got the impression everybody knows what they’re doing. Everybody seems to be very well-trained.

Nazia carried out my treatment. I felt she was extremely professional. Very good at her job. Very good at making what can, at times not always be the most comfortable procedures, as comfortable as she could. She explained every step. I had every faith in her. Now I’ve had this treatment done, there is no gap between my teeth at the back. I can eat properly. I don’t have any problem with these teeth. It’s absolutely wonderful.

I feel the overall treatment, everybody here is very professional, from the dentists, the dental assistants, the receptionists. Everybody’s very professional and I was thoroughly impressed with them.”