Crowns and Veneers Patient - Carl

“So basically I was born with, I think it’s a fairly rare illness, called amelogenesis imperfecta. It essentially means I was born without enamel on my teeth. So when I was a child, obviously really incredibly sensitive teeth, I couldn’t eat cold food, or sensitive to air. So the original crown work 30 years ago fixed a lot of that. Obviously, with the then being very old, the sensitivity crept in, and my jaw was slightly misaligned and I got a number of headaches, which has all gone away now.

And my thoughts on the dentist that carried out a treatment was also excellent, first class. He explained everything in language that I could understand. And if something was going to hurt potentially to flag that, because obviously my real teeth under the crowns are incredibly sensitive.

My jaw alignment, my bite, I think it’s called occlusion has been corrected. I didn’t even know it was something wrong with it. The sensitivity is almost reduced to nothing. I can eat any foods, hot, cold. I can bite hard toffees and anything, like how everyone else manages their day and how they eat food and yeah, so it’s brilliant.”