Bridges Patient - Simon

“The treatment I had is the replacement of my four front teeth. Before I had the treatment done, the teeth were getting increasingly wobbly. It was a result of a footballing injury from nearly 20 years ago, and as my gums were receding, the teeth were getting looser and looser. I knew at some stage that I was going to have to have them replaced, so it was as good a time as any. When I first came to the practice, I was very impressed at the efficiency, the friendliness and the speed of the service that I received. And that continued right the way through the treatment procedure that I took.

The dentist who carried out my treatment is an absolute gem, really, really nice, friendly, chatty. Nobody likes going to the dentist. But if anything, he made it as pleasant an experience as possible. It was a genuinely, really nice guy.

Now the benefits since I’ve had the treatment done there that my front teeth on so I can bite into an apple again without wondering if I’m still going to have all four there when I finished it. And my smile is with confidence again, so very, very happy.

I’d recommend this practice to anybody who wanted to come along. I mean my treatment was superb. The end result is very, very good. Price-wise, it was sensibly priced as well. I can’t say that I paid an absolute fortune for it. And, as I say, the whole process was as pleasant as coming to a dentist can be, and I would certainly recommend it to any of my friends, family or anybody who wanted treatment.”