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3 Top Tips for Taking Care of your Teeth if attached by a Bar or Ball

Part of the ‘Making your implant last’ series

The final post in our masterclass series, read on to find some more top tips on taking care of your new teeth. We’re going to have to mention it again, only because we are a dental practice, so we know you know this by now but just for any latecomers: it is important that you care of your dental implants just as well as you do for your natural teeth, we really don’t want any nasty infections cropping up. There we said it, now on to the tips.

Top Tip #1

Clean your ‘prosthesis’ (fancy word for a denture or bridge) and its attachments carefully, including the underneath area. Do this using a denture brush or a regular tooth brush. Make sure you clean it with fairy liquid and not with toothpaste as this is abrasive and will increase the likelihood of staining.

Top Tip #2

Clean the gum side surface using a soft regular toothbrush. Additional attention should be paid to the abutment posts and bar in the mouth. Do not use a denture brush for this.

Top Tip #3

Clean the abutment posts by passing floss (thick floss) around them. ‘Shoe-shine’ the posts by passing floss from side to side, polishing from top to bottom and allowing the floss to slip under the gumline.

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