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4 Top Tips for Taking Care of your Single Tooth Implant

Part of the ‘Making your implant last’ series.

If you have ever had an implant placed then this is the post for you. It can be tricky working out how to best take care of your new tooth and we all know what it’s like visiting a dentist. The sights, the sounds, the smells, it can be very intimidating and the likelihood that you remember all the information they tell you is very slim! That’s why we’ve come up with this mini masterclass series on making your implant last.

It is important that you care for your dental implants just as well as you do for your natural teeth. Thorough oral hygiene is necessary to prevent infection around your implants; with proper home care and regular visits to the hygienist, you can keep your new teeth throughout life.

Some of our patients ask why they should visit the hygienist; consider this, you faithfully take your car to get a MOT and service every year because you trust their expertise, and you only use that to drive you from A to B. You use your teeth multiple times every day, they are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Trust the experts to help you take care of them.

Top Tip #1

It may be necessary to modify your brush for the inner side of your teeth; or use an electric brush to get at those hard-to-reach areas. Don’t be afraid of trying new techniques.

Top Tip #2

Use a soft end-tufted brush (interspace) for hard-to-reach areas around your implant-supported tooth.

Top Tip #3

Use an interdental brush to clean the sides of the tooth, posts and surface. Use the brush with a back and forth stroke, gently pressing it against the side of the tooth or abutment posts. The brush should be medium size and plastic-coated threading is recommended.

Top Tip #4

In narrow areas, where the interdental brush is hard to use, floss is recommended. Clean the sides of the tooth and abutment posts by passing floss back and forth between the implant tooth and neighbouring teeth.
Above all, don’t be afraid to ask your hygienist for help and suggestions as they will know what works best for you.

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