3 Top Tips for Taking Care of your Bridge

Part of the ‘Making your implant last’ series

The second post in our masterclass series, read on to find some more top tips on taking care of your new teeth. Not that we want to drive it home but it is important that you care for your dental implants just as well as you do for your natural teeth, we don’t want any nasty infections cropping up.
Remember that regular visits to the hygienist will help to maintain your warranty on your implants and teeth on top. Ask our clinicians for more information on this point.

Top Tip #1

It may be necessary to modify your brush or to have two brushes modified in different ways to help you reach different areas of your mouth; or use an electric brush to get at those hard-to-reach areas. Don’t forget to clean under the bridge.

Top Tip #2

The use of an oral irrigator is highly recommended for the reduction of plaque and inflammation. Grab yourself a waterpik (available onsite), lean over the sink and put the tip of the waterpik into your mouth. Keep it upright and close your lips tightly enough to keep the water from splashing whilst still allowing it to flow from your mouth into the sink. Point the flosser tip along the gum line under the bridge to remove debris from around the bridge and implants.

Top Tip #3

In narrow areas, where an interdental brush is hard to use, floss is recommended again. Clean the bridge adjacent to the gumline using a sideways stroke.
Read our first blog for more information on taking care of single tooth implants.

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